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"Test all things; hold fast what is good." 1 Thessalonians 5:21

It is our hope that the Scriptures and the Holy Spirit will be your Guide as you prayerfully examine and contemplate the resources provided here. We also hope that you find these resources to be edifying and inspirational, and that you leave this site better equipped, motivated, and committed.

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Bible Salvation Commentaries
42 foldersplay all
Bob Folkenberg Jr
GYC 2007 Evangeliving The Great Commission in Actionplay all
CD Brooks
2 foldersplay all
Clifford Goldstein
SEYC 2008 Christian Apologetics Defending Your Faith in Today's Worldplay all
David Asscherick
GYC 2006play all
David Gates
7 foldersplay all
David Shin
GYC 2007 David Shin Evening Devotionalsplay all
Doug Batchelor
Dwight K Nelson
17 foldersplay all
Edward Reid
GYC 2005 In These Times Signs of Last Day Eventsplay all
Ellen White
5 foldersplay all
Greg and Lesa Budd
Crossroads on 3ABN Radioplay all
James Standish
GYC 2005 America in Prophecy Issues and Developments in Religious Libertyplay all
Jeffrey Rosario
GYC 2006play all
John Baxter
GYC 2005 To Every Nation Fulfillment of the Gospel Commissionplay all
Justin Kim
GYC 2007 One Step at a Time Pathways to Spiritual Growthplay all
Lee Venden
Lee Venden Singlesplay all
Mark Finley
GYC 2007 The Shaking and the Sifting A Biblical Approachplay all
Michael Hasel
2 foldersplay all
Nathan Renner
GYC 2007 Let Your Light Shine Sharing Jesus with Your Friendsplay all
Nicholas Miller
GYC 2005 America in Prophecy Issues and Developments in Religious Libertyplay all
Peter Gregory
2 foldersplay all
Samuel Pipim
2 foldersplay all
Ted Wilson
GYC 2006play all
Tim Riesenberger
GYC 2007 Christianity 101 How to Give Your Life to Jesusplay all
Walter Veith
2 foldersplay all
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